Welcome to the Spur Alliance Dude Ranch Specialist Program

Welcome to the Spur Alliance Dude Ranch Specialist Program!

The Spur Alliance : The top ranches in North America    

The Spur Alliance is a group of 10 outstanding North America ranches that have been sharing the western lifestyle with guests from around the world for over a combined 500 years in the guest ranch industry.

The Alliance has been created and designed to help guests find the perfect ranch for their next ranch holiday. Each ranch has been chosen not only for their overall quality as a dude ranch, but also their excellence in a specific niche. Every Spur Alliance ranch is family owned and operated, with continual operation for a minimum of 20 years; all ranches are members of the Dude Ranch association and are all active within their respective state associations. Within the Alliance you will find the finest in fishing ranches, cattle ranches, multi sport ranches, family ranches, summer ranches and winter sunshine ranches. 

There are several factors that make a dude ranch great and a good fit for the individual traveler. It is the goal of the Dude Ranch Specialist Program to assist you in finding that perfect ranch for your client. While no two guest ranches are the same, it is guaranteed that all Spur Alliance ranches will offer a quality experience. All Spur Alliance ranches offer great horseback riding, spectacular scenery, western hospitality, and that extra little something that make a guest ranch vacation great. But certain ranches excel in certain areas. Cattle work, world class fishing, kids programs that are specific to the age of the child, multi sport programs, and spas are all specialties that are important to consider when choosing the perfect ranch for your client.

Benefits of Completing the Program

  • Average commission on a family of four booking is $900

  • All inclusive "one stop shopping"

  • Repeat bookings exceed 50%

  • Branded website with only your contact information

  • A great alternative for your clients

  • Eligible for Spur Alliance FAMS